Mayra Bonilla

About Mayra Bonilla

"Art into Action: Inspiring a Sustainable Culture"

Nature has been a continual source of inspiration throughout my career. Born in Costa Rica, I grew up in a country filled with natural wonders, where 25 percent of the land in this small yet richly diverse country is protected for the benefit of future generations. My professional training occurred in surroundings filled with natural beauty that nurtured my sensitivity from a very young age.

After years exploring Costa Rica 's forests and National Parks and working with various organizations in projects linked to conservation and sustainable development, I decided to create a work that reflects my love and respect for nature as well as my experience as a Multimedia Producer.

I believe that art and communication, together with ethical and moral values, can become the unmovable pillars on which to construct a new vision of the world and guide a culture that cherishes the preservation of Nature.

Mayra was born in San José, Costa Rica. Since her childhood she has felt a deep attraction to nature and was very fortunate to spend much time during her adolescence exploring and photographing Costa Rica's national parks.


2015, Mayra continues her photographic work and research for future exhibitions and art projects.

In 2014 VED an innovative magazine of art and design published an interesting article on her work.

Mayra exhibited during the summer and fall of 2014 her photographs in "Star Gallery", sharing with other artists.

Mayra participates as a guest artist at the prestigious exhibition "VALOARTE" in Torre Lexus, Avenida Escazú, Costa Rica.

2013, Mayra works intensively towards her new artistic project in diverse natural sceneries.

2011-2012, Mayra dedicates part of her time to visit museums and art galleries in different cities of the United States and Italy. She also continues her creative work. Among her clients, the new tendency is towards interior design, with photographs for banks, hotels and private companies

2010 Zen Tica: A unique exhibition showing pictures of 20 Japanese and 20 Costa Rican photographers, in Casa del Cuño during the Japanese Week. Mayra showed a Video-Art-Digital presentation and people really enjoyed it. She also presented 2 photos in big format canvas.

2009 Seasons: This exhibition was held at the Mayra’s Gallery in Guachipelin. It shows landscapes taken in different seasons from places all over the American Continent.

2008 Natural Variations: As it name tells, it presents several landscapes from United States, Island, Argentina (Patagonia) and Costa Rica. Those countries were selected for the sample, because they share the same element: water.

Mayra is an artist dedicated to constantly finding new expressive means to display here unique art and love for the natural world.

During 2007, she presented her new project‘ Mysterious Oceans‘ invited by MERI (Marine Environmental Research Intitute) in Blue Hill , ME. Also, she participate again in Gayley Gallery‘s Relative Art in N.H, ME.

In February of 2006, she was chosen as one of three Costa Rican artists to participate in a collective exhibition, “Costa Rica: Culture and Gastronomy” at the Bankers Club in Mexico City. In July of the same year she participated in Gayley Gallery's “Relative Art” in Northeast Harbor, ME.

In November 2004, Mayra participated in the collective show “Between Oceans and Continents” at the Natural World Museum in San Francisco, CA.

That same year she presented “Elements of Dreams” at the Acadia Summer Arts Program on Mt. Dessert Island, ME and again in 2004 at Longwood Gardens, PA as part of the “Water's Edge” for the Stroud Water Research Center.

In 1998, The Stroud Water Research Center invited Mayra to present her work, “As Clear as Water,” in Pennsylvania . Around that time, Mayra's visits to museums in Philadelphia and New York stimulated a new fascination in video art. In 2003, she presented the exhibition, “Elements of Dreams” at Costa Rica 's National Gallery using techniques adapted from both video art and multimedia (photo-video-art). In this installation, she employs digital technologies to transmit her interpretation of the Four Elements of life.

Throughout the 1980's and 1990's her company, Audiovise SA (now, Imaginaria SA), produced multimedia presentations for corporations, international organizations and the Costa Rican government. She continued her exploration of Costa Rica 's parks and taught workshops and courses on her experiences. Mayra's curriculum includes many individual and joint exhibitions both in and outside of Costa Rica.

In 1984 Mayra obtained a Master's in Graphic Arts from the University of Costa Rica . Her studies, and the beginning of her professional career, coincided with very dynamic times for a nature photographer as the Costa Rica 's park system continued to expand and draw international attention.